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A Tropical And A Dream Destination – Bali

Relaxation and Bali go hand in hand. It is a most sorted destination by many tourists. Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, rich culture and affordable holiday destination. 

Bali has a place for all types of people and groups. From a high class holiday to a budget holiday Bali is able to cater for all needs. It’s beautiful sun filled villas and hotels are famous for their beautiful and comfortable facilities and also the tropical food. Anyone travelling to Bali can enjoy the beautiful resorts in Bali Indonesia. These resorts can cater to all your needs from facilities that blend with the beautiful landscape of Bali to the tasty food and friendly resort services.Finding a beach resort Bali is not a difficult task as there are plenty of resorts in Bali Indonesia. However, finding the best luxury resorts in Bali for you and your family is challenging. You can ask friends and family who has visited Bali or just browse the internet and you can find plenty of places.

Technology is so advanced that you may even be able to do a virtual tour of the facilities.If you love the ocean and want to stay in a room or villa overseeing the ocean you can look for ocean front suite Bali. These beautiful Villas are situated facing the ocean and a stroll down the beach will be an easy access for you. Most of these Villas are surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and you may even have access to a private beach. Most of these Villas and luxury resorts provide you with baby sitters; Spa’s and kids swimming pools. Most of these come along in your package or could be obtained for a very minimal rate. As a famous tourist destination these resorts and Villas cater to most of the traveller’s needs and wants. They ensure that your stay in Bali is as memorable and relaxing as it could be.

The type of room you want will depend on the fact of whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family. Then you have to decide the basic facilities you require. Even though you are on holiday, you would still want to be connected with your family and friends. You will want to access the internet. These luxury resorts do provide you with the latest technology and facilities. However they ensure that they don’t lose the traditional and rich Balinese architecture but blend them with the modern technology.

So, make Bali your next holiday destination for you and your family. Your holiday will be a memorable holiday for all.

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The Pros And Cons Of Airbnb

Airbnb was founded in 2008 as a hospitality services. It enables people to rent for long or short stays and includes homes, hotels, lodges, hostels and hotel rooms. The service works through an app where users can look for a place when travelling. It is very convenient and the user can find any kind of place depending on their price ranges. People who have stayed earlier can leave reviews to be viewed by everyone. Similarly, a host can add their house or room for rent. They list their properties to be viewed by other. They can add a description with a few pics of the property. They can also add limitations as to what the guest can do, such as smoking in the house and etc. It is a great service but there are certain Pros and Cons of using it. Here’s a list of them.


It’s cheap

Airbnb is cheap. This doesn’t mean that Airbnb has all cheap rooms but that there are rooms for every budget. There are also rooms and houses that are very expensive and sometimes more expensive than hotels but this is because a whole house is provided. Airbnb is a great option for budget travelers as you can save a large portion of your budget by staying in the places on Airbnb than spending money on hotels.

Easy to book

Airbnb is very easy to book. This makes it very convenient when you’re always on the move. No matter where you decide to go, you can easily log into Airbnb and look for a place close by. It can range from town hostels to hotels, they are all available.

Large selection

Airbnb has a large selection of places to choose from. There are homes, rooms, hostels in Thailand Bangkok, villas, hotels, lodges, cabins and even tents. Due to this, you have a variety of options waiting for you to pick them. Each has its own bells and whistles with different amenities and requirements to suit your needs.


Your selection may not be what you thought

Selecting a place is easy in Airbnb. The only problem is that it may not be what you expected. When the property has reviews, then you know what you’re getting but one’s that don’t have reviews, you’re uncertain of until you actually visit the place.

Rising prices

Airbnb was introduced to cater to the budget minded tourist but over time many business travelers are also choosing Airbnb over hotels. Businesses travelers generally can spend more than the average traveler. This is making Airbnb prices to go up. People have begun to list their properties at much higher prices than they initially thought of.

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